Efren Tello – 32,000 Seat/200 Location Health Authority

“Currently we have Jentü setup as part of our PoC for a Windows 10 implementation project.

Our 32,000 users are distributed across 200+ locations with a wide variety of networks, workstations, internet connections and 1,500+ applications.

As part of our PoC we tested the malware recovery, operating systems swapping amongst Windows 7, 10 LTSC, 10 SAC revisions 1709 and 1809 as well as integration with the existing network infrastructure. We also tested jentüRemote running on Thin Clients, Apple computers and iPad tablets.

It was impressive that every claim made on the product was confirmed.

We have identified the huge advantages, increased security, ease of management, implementation and sustainability impact as the clear benefits that only jentü offers. We love the fact that is based on a solid security model and the benefits of having diskless end points.”

Jentu succeeded in all categories; Technical, Compliance, Security, Access  and Performance.”


Grant Aitken – Former VP Of Sales VMware Canada

“You succeeded where VDI fails.

Unlike SBC or VDI, since no significant backend infrastructure is required, the learning curve, training regimen, and management skills needed to deploy and run a Jentü environment are not significantly different than that currently possessed by most entry-level IT administrators.

However like VDI or SBC, the desktop OS image management is done centrally, reducing or eliminating the time consuming issues of distributed image/OS management, and dramatically improving data security.”

Bashir Fancy – Executive Vice President – Risk Management & Security for Visa International

“My name is Bashir S Fancy. I have dealt with all these challenges and I am talking about at a very senior level. My audit background makes me review everything with a very careful eye.

I have been using the Jentü technology for about 14 months without any intervention. I could not be happier or more secure.

I only wish that this technology had been available to me much earlier in my Visa days.”

Brian Madden – Influential & Independent VDI Blogger

“Remember how Ardence was awesome?

You need to know about Jentü.

I’ve loved Ardence since I first learned about them in 2006. If you don’t know Ardence, they basically did disk block “streaming” where you take the hard drive out of a computer, do a PXE boot, and it connects to a central image which is run locally on the desktop…

I love the idea of simplifying desktop management for the 95% of the world that isn’t on VDI.”

Michael Ball – Leading Canadian IT Consultant

“Remember that MAPS acronym from Citrix? Management, Access, Performance, and Security. Jentü is batting 4 for 4 on this.

Management is still centralized. Access to images is local to the provisioning server. Performance is determined by the individual desktop hardware used, and the network connectivity provisioned. Security is ensured through encrypted iSCSi, as well as security and patch management of centralized images.

If you haven’t heard of Jentü, I suggest you go check them out now. You’ll definitely be hearing more of them in the future.”

David Redekop – CEO – Nerds On Site

“I had the pleasure of being introduced to the diskless computing technology of Jentü earlier this summer (2018). Back in 2012, Nerds On Site Inc. was contracted by Canadian Tire to develop a diskless booting technology which involved iPXE, LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) and custom modifications to meet their 5250 terminal emulator needs. This technology is still in use today at some Canadian Tire stores.

What Jentü offers is speed and performance far beyond our six-year-old solution, and most certainly anything else on the market even today. Furthermore, it is not limited to Linux at the endpoint as it does not denature the Windows Operating System. From old hardware, to the newest UEFI-based endpoints, Nerds On Site attests to the compatibility, stability, performance and usability of Jentü for a broad range of use cases, and most significantly offers the desirable file system attribute which brings about security with simple and automated image rollback to make it verifiably immutable. Never again can a single unauthorized bit of software persist.”

David Loper – Clear OS

“Jentü has not only broken the back of the traditional motivators for enterprise to go to VDI but they have done so in a way that lets the enterprise recapture their security from 3rd parties.

By unlocking the power of untapped, on-premises resources with ease-of-use management for desktop and servers they have made it possible, once again, for the enterprise to take back their security and privacy models from the 3rd party landlords of the ‘as-a-service’ world and have freed business owners from the dark ‘cloud’ of ambiguity around the questions of “Where is my data located” and “Who is looking at it?”