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We’d love to have you book a Jentü demo in order to show your organization the power of JentüPlatform. An introductory meeting with you and your leaders in IT will answer all questions you have and help you evaluate if JentüPlatform is the right fit for your organization. Because Jentü software is best experienced, our remote demonstration will show you the power of implementing JentüPlatform, and much more.

Our demo will show you how JentüPlatform increases security by implementing a diskless system for your endpoint workstation, server, and IoT devices. Because your system will be diskless using JentüPlatform, we will demonstrate how your security is increased from a reduced attack surface. We will also demonstrate how an IT environment can gain increased performance from this configuration. With your environment fully diskless, we will show you how a reduction in storage infrastructure at endpoints will reduce costs for deployment, hardware, staff, and energy.

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Jentü Server - JentüPlatform Panel - Jentü Demo

Server View – JentüPlatform

Jentü Groups - JentüPlatform Panel - Jentü Demo

Group View – JentüPlatform

Jentü Volumes - JentüPlatform Panel - Jentü Demo

Volumes View – JentüPlatform

Jentü Machines - JentüPlatform Panel - Jentü Demo

Machines View – JentüPlatform

Want to see JentüRemote in action? Demo it today!

We are excited to show you the ease and security benefits of JentüRemote. A demo of JentüRemote will show you how easy you can set up a remote desktop gateway that is fast, secure, and complements your hardware infrastructure by providing a hybrid approach of on premise and remote access to desktops.

Our demo will show you how JentüRemote can open up secure, remote access without security risky VPNs, open management ports, or multiple devices. Unlike VDI, JentüRemote allows for hybrid access for your users to the same workstation environment whether on or off premises.

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   Workstation VIew - JentüRemote Panel - Jentü Demo

Desktop View – JentüRemote

   Desktops as icons vIew - JentüRemote Panel - Jentü Demo

Icon View – JentüRemote

   Machine List VIew - JentüRemote Panel - Jentü Demo

List View – JentüRemote

  Admin Panel - JentüRemote Panel - Jentü Demo

Admin View – JentüRemote