Efren Tello – 32,000 Seat/200 Location Health Authority

“Currently we have Jentü setup as part of our PoC for a Windows 10 implementation project.

Our 32,000 users are distributed across 200+ locations with a wide variety of networks, workstations, internet connections and 1,500+ applications.

As part of our PoC we tested the malware recovery, operating systems swapping amongst Windows 7, 10 LTSC, 10 SAC revisions 1709 and 1809 as well as integration with the existing network infrastructure. We also tested jentüRemote running on Thin Clients, Apple computers and iPad tablets.

It was impressive that every claim made on the product was confirmed.

We have identified the huge advantages, increased security, ease of management, implementation and sustainability impact as the clear benefits that only jentü offers. We love the fact that is based on a solid security model and the benefits of having diskless end points.”

Jentu succeeded in all categories; Technical, Compliance, Security, Access  and Performance.”