David Redekop – CEO – Nerds On Site

“I had the pleasure of being introduced to the diskless computing technology of Jentü earlier this summer (2018). Back in 2012, Nerds On Site Inc. was contracted by Canadian Tire to develop a diskless booting technology which involved iPXE, LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) and custom modifications to meet their 5250 terminal emulator needs. This technology is still in use today at some Canadian Tire stores.

What Jentü offers is speed and performance far beyond our six-year-old solution, and most certainly anything else on the market even today. Furthermore, it is not limited to Linux at the endpoint as it does not denature the Windows Operating System. From old hardware, to the newest UEFI-based endpoints, Nerds On Site attests to the compatibility, stability, performance and usability of Jentü for a broad range of use cases, and most significantly offers the desirable file system attribute which brings about security with simple and automated image rollback to make it verifiably immutable. Never again can a single unauthorized bit of software persist.”